Non Accredited Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting

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Non Accredited Basic Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting Training

This excellent one day course (7am – 5pm) is designed for anyone who does not require formal chainsaw accreditation eg hobby farmers, domestic users. It enables you to save money through proper chainsaw maintainence and to crosscut much more easily and safely.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skill to enable you to safely cross cut trees that have fallen over such as cutting fallen trees for firewood or clearing fallen trees from property. Ample practical work is a feature of this course. It is not suitable for PCBUs seeking worker competency and duty of care worker compliance.

The course covers:

  • Safety features of a chainsaw
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Chain sharpening practical work
  • Identify, assess and manage hazards
  • Safe manual handling
  • Support tools
  • Basic cross cutting techniques theory & practical work
  • Flush trimming
  • Boring

Each student will receive course notes, including a chainsaw checklist

Upon satisfactory completion of this Non Accredited non Duty of Care Basic Chainsaw course, participants will be issued with a certificate of completion. We never have more than 4 people / chain saw course so you have plenty of interaction and practical work.

Cost is $300 GST inclusive; to book this course please call 0412 291 054 during business hours or book online.

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Assessment: Practical Crosscutting


  • Photo ID & minimum 18 yr old
  • Helmet with visor & ear muffs
  • Lace up steel cap boots
  • Chainsaw trousers (we supply if needed)
  • Chainsaw (we supply if needed)

Who should do this?

  • Private people who want to use a chainsaw properly


Frequently Asked Questions

No – there is no definite expiry period like a forklift licence.

It is up to the PCBU of the site to establish a renewal date based on the requirement to have each chainsaw operator currently competent. Current industry recommended renewal time is 3 years.

3 in one helmet (hard hat, ear muffs, visor –we can supply)

Chain saw trousers or chaps (we can supply)

Lace up steel caps for accredited courses (you supply)

Simple definition; a small round and sound tree at least 100mm diameter, 4m tall with diameter less than bar length, low complexity overall to assess and fall.
Diameter can be wider than bar, lean and weight so that it can be felled with wedges and hingewood control in your desired direction, may have visible dead or broken material in the crown , limited defects overall but can include free splitting species and medium complexity terrain.
Both basic and intermediate which then covers most tree falling, but not advanced trees.
This the forest industry standard –gives much more support to your feet and ankle in the uneven tree environment – can be bought with a zipper on the side for quick removal if desired.

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