All employers are required to have currently competent forklift operators – it’s the law.

The law requires that all employers provide adequate instruction, training & information & assessment to their forklift operators to ensure they are currently competent. This is especially so since 2012 when new WHS laws placed greater importance on employers’ due diligence & obligation for employee current competency.

Who should do forklift VoC/DoC?
Any person with a current forklift licence who

  • is required by their employer’s safety system, to verify their current competency, usually every 1 to 3 years.
  • would like to have current verification of competency proof, e.g. when applying for a job.

VoC/DoC is often used by employers & principal contractors as part of pre-employment checks. VS&R Training provides high quality training & assessment in verifying that you still have the knowledge & skill to be a safe, competent forklift operator in the workplace.

Benefits for employers
Compliance with WHS duty of care obligations. Proof that your forklift operators are currently competent to operate a forklift in your workplace.

To make a VoC/DoC enquiry please complete the enquiry form below.  Once we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to discuss  your specific  needs with no obligation.