Working Dog Training DVD for Sale

This DVD is guaranteed to get you on track training your working dog. Why not reap the rewards of having a good working dog – doing the work of at least 2 men, less stress & more profit?

To Anybody Who Wants To Train A Working Dog: This is what you’ve been waiting for. Little frustration and quick results. Form a team with your dog, with you as the boss.

What You Get:

  1. DVD – ‘Working Dog Training – The 4 Vital Steps’
    • 123 minutes
    • 17 chapters for easy reference
  2. Full set of notes – 72 pages
  3. A guarantee that it will work, provided your dog has working instinct and you follow the system for a minimum of 1 month.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today – Phone: 0412 291 054

Video Previews

The 17 Chapters on ‘Working Dog Training – The 4 Vital Steps’ DVD

1. Introduction

  • The 4 Vital Steps (to teach a dog anything)
  • 5 Things to Look for in a Good Dog
  • 12 Suggested Commands & Order of Training
  • 9 General Requirements to Help Train a Dog

2. Come

  • A dog must come when called

3. Balance

  • The most important action – bringing stock to you

4. Stop

  • The most important command & establishes you as the boss, A MUST

5. That’ll Do

  • Stop whatever the dog is doing eg working, barking, chasing cars

6. Sides

  • A left & right direction on your dog. REMEMBER a dog with just the 1st 5 commands is extremely handy.

7. 1st 5 Commands Trained Dog

  • A look at a dog which has the 1st 5 commands
  • Balancing in the paddock
  • Correct distance off stock
  • Putting stock through a gate
  • Directing a dog left & right
  • Stopping your dog

8. No Commands Untrained Dog

  • A look at a well bred but untrained dog trying to do what the trained dog did – a good comparison, you can learn alot

9. Come Behind

  • Dog comes to you but behind you, horse, vehicle, whatever

10. Push

  • Dog forces stock; walk up force is 1st, clean bite 2nd, bark is last
  • Pushing both sheep & cattle is shown

11. Off Balance

  • Driving stock away or sideways

12. Keep Out

  • Correct distance off stock

13. Casting

  • The hallmark of a good dog; getting around stock in the paddock & balancing them back to you

14. Backing

  • Dog up on the back of stock to get from A to B

15. Barking

  • The 3rd & last type of force

16. Cattle Paddock Work

  • Casting, balancing, driving cattle

17. Summary

Clear notes are supplied & are important to read as well for best results. Note: Extensive subtitling appears on the screen so you can read the main points


‘I have been using the dog training DVD and notes for about 18 months. I have trained 3 dogs and started on my 4th dog. I use my dogs on cattle in hilly scrub country. My previous experience with training dogs was 100% failure so I went and bought Colin’s DVD.  I like the DVD and notes being easy to follow and understand. I had a few questions so I gave Colin a ring and he was more than happy to help me.

If anyone is thinking about training dogs I would highly recommend buying the DVD and notes before you start.’

Matthew Kajewski (0427 927 751)