About Us – VS&R

Business Profile & Philosophy

Colin & Roslyn MacRae have been training at Vittoria since 1990. Right from the start, Colin & Roslyn determined that quality is everything and they passionately work to this end. VS&R Training was formed in 2000 & has been a Registered Training Organisation since 2011.

Our mission statement is simple: ‘Adding value to people’

We do this through our 6 training and assessment principles:

  1. quality, responsible trainers & assessors with integrity
  2. small class sizes for individual attention
  3. maximum student involvement
  4. mixing theory with practical
  5. quality training environment – resources & facilities
  6. competent assessment

Colin MacRae has been training vocational students since 1985 – this is his undoubted passion. He does most of the training, cares very much about excellent training and personally does everything he can to ensure each student is trained and assessed properly.


Contact VS & R Training

Phone: 0412 291 054
Email: learn@vsr.com.au
Address: 2513 Mitchell Hwy, Vittoria, NSW 2799